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What Does Proximity Require of Us? Sojourners, February 2018.

The Shore After the Storm, Good Letters, January 2018.


The Theory of Everything, and the Faith of Jane Hawking, The High Calling, November 2014.

Fury: The Beautification of Violence? Good Letters, October 2014.

‘Art and Craft’: When Bad Behavior Is Not a Choice, On Faith, October 2014.

‘Calvary’ Exclusive: The High Risks of Pursuing a Vocation, The High Calling, July 2014.

Ray Donovan Is the Best Religious TV Show You’re Not Watching, On Faith, July 2014.

Our Suicide Conversation Has to Change, On Faith, June 2014.


The Black Nativity Lights Up the Screen With Stars and Spirit, UrbanFaith, November 2013.

He Loves Me Anyway: Black Nativity, Image Journal Good Letters blog, November 2013.

Pursuing Grace, Onstage and Off, Sojourners, June 2013.

Eep in THE CROODS, Slate, March 2012.


Which Is the Better Story? Image Journal Good Letters blog, November 2012.

When Storms Come, Faith & Leadership, November 2012.

Meeting Dad in Bill Milliken’s Rearview Mirror, UrbanFaith, August 2012; The Hufffington Post, October 2012.

What Does It mean to Be ‘Pro-Life’? UrbanFaith, July 2012.

Responsibility and the Affordable Care Act, UrbanFaith, July 2012.

Questions for Conservatives About Healthcare Reform, UrbanFaith, July 2012.

A Note of Grace in Sugarhill Gang’s Sad, Angry Film, UrbanFaith, March 2012.


“Felon” Is the New N-Word, UrbanFaith, November 2011; republished at The Huffington Post, December 2011.

Protesting Greed in the Shadow of 9/11, Urban Faith, October 2011.

Authentic Voices, Urban Faith, July 2011.

I’ve Already Been Left Behind and Life Is Good, The Huffington Post, May 2011.

Evil Through the Eye of the Lens, NJ Shore Patch, April 2011.

Grieving a Suicide, NJ Shore Patch, April 2011.

Clarence Clemons Asks: Who Do I Think I am? Manasquan Patch, April 2011.

Out of the Darkness and Into the Light for Suicide Prevention, NJ Shore Patch, March 2011.

I’m a Child of Urban Ministry, Literally and Spiritually, reprinted from Urban Faith at The Huffington Post, January 2011.

Education in Color, reprinted from Urban Faith at The Huffington Post, January 2011.


Flashes of Light in the Darkest Depths: The Faith and Life of Blind Photographer Pete Eckert, The Huffington Post, October 2010.

How Far Should Forgiveness Go? Christianity Today, October 2010.

I’m a Child of Urban Ministry, Urban Faith, June 2010.

Art That Reveals Our Need for Grace, Her.meneutics, April 2010.


In the Valley of the Shadow of Suicide, Christianity Today, April 2009, with prevention sidebar.