Allan Josephson: Integrating Faith & Psychiatry, Part 1 @TheHighCalling

When Laity Leadership Institute Senior Fellow Allan Josephson, M.D. decided to study psychiatry 30 years ago, persons of faith often wondered how he would fare as a Christian in the field. The influence of Sigmund Freud’s atheism has… Read More

Faith at Work, Part 7: Putting It All Together @TheHighCalling

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Faith at Work, Part 6: Expressing Spiritual Values @TheHighCalling

“In the spring of 2009, on the eve of graduation, a small group of us at Harvard Business School found ourselves staring into a great abyss instead of standing on the threshold of new and exciting careers. We… Read More

Faith at Work, Part 5: Drawing Enrichment from Deep Wells @TheHighCalling

Dale Jones is a vice chairman and partner at Heidrick & Struggles, one of the nation’s top executive search firms. He advises boards and CEOs on human capital issues such as leadership, recruiting and succession planning, but a few years… Read More

Faith at Work, Part 4: Turning Corporate Leadership Upside Down @TheHighCalling

Ken Melrose is well known for employing a model of servant leadership to turn around the Toro company when it was on the verge of bankruptcy. Earlier this year, he returned to Princeton University, his alma mater, to… Read More

Faith at Work, Part 3: Uncompromising Ethics @TheHighCalling

Jimmy Dunne is, by his own admission, a man who sees the world in black and white. In a time when shades of gray are increasingly admired, this is not always a popular perspective. But Dunne’s singular vision became… Read More

Faith at Work, Part 2: Avodah & the Faith at Work Movement @TheHighCalling

When Laity Leadership Institute Senior Fellow David W. Miller was studying biblical Hebrew in seminary, he discovered a concept that would come to define his work. “As I was slogging through Hebrew vocabulary, I came across the word avodah…. Read More

Faith at Work, Part 1: Personal Journey Becomes Professional for David W. Miller @TheHighCalling

Laity Leadership Senior Fellow David W. Miller was flourishing in his career as a senior executive and partner at a London bank, and felt called to that career, but he seldom, if ever, heard clergy talk about how to integrate… Read More

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The story of ORB. Christian Andrews was in his sixth year of studies at Princeton Theological Seminary when he walked away from those studies to help a small group of Christians reach out to youth in his home… Read More

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David Greusel has designed stadiums for major league teams including the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Houston Astros. Yet this principal architect at Convergence Design in Kansas City, Missouri, suffered for years under the message that his work didn’t matter. “It’s all… Read More

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The Church as Parable and Witness, part 3 in the Missional Series w/ Princeton Theological Seminary Professor Darrell Guder. Fourteen years after World War II, Laity Leadership Institute Senior Fellow Darrell Guder began doctoral studies in Germany. “My… Read More

What Is Scripture for? An Architect Wrestles with His Calling @TheHighCalling

Rick Archer was a rising architectural star in Washington, D.C., when some fellow believers challenged him: “You’ve always chosen what was best, but have you chosen what was right?” For Archer, what was right was synonymous with what was best… Read More