Gabriel Gifford Scheller

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Gabriel Gifford Scheller, 23, of Irvine, CA, died on March 28. He spent his formative years in Long Branch, NJ, and graduated from Wheaton College in May 2007.

Gabriel is survived by his parents, Jeffrey and Christine Scheller; his brother Michael William Scheller; grandparents Richard and Carol Gifford, Regis Allen and William and Viola Scheller—along with many beloved aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends.

Gabe was a remarkable young man who was loved every day of his life; he will be missed every day of ours. The only thing that surpasses our grief is the joy that it was to have been gifted with him and the sure knowledge that he is safe in the arms of our Lord.

In lieu of flowers, we request a memorial donation to the Children’s Tumor Foundation .

California services are private.

New Jersey services will be at Trinity Bible Church, Allenwood, NJ, on Thursday April 3, with viewing from 3:30-7:30 and a service to follow immediately after; and Friday morning at 11 am.

UPDATE 4/03: For those wishing to attend the burial service on Friday, the funeral procession is scheduled to leave Trinity Bible Church at 11am.

A Tribute to Gabriel Gifford Scheller, honoring his life and achievements.

Remembering Gabe on Facebook

An Archive of Gabe’s Poetry and Art

In the Valley of the Shadow of Suicide, Christianity Today, April 2009

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  1. Jeff, Chris, and Michael~
    Our hearts are breaking with you all. You will remain in our prayers always. Gabe was awesome and will surly be missed by all!
    We pray for comfort and peace at this extremely difficult time.
    Much Love~
    Tina Vara-Korotky and Family

  2. I went to school with Gabe. He and I weren’t the best of friends, but he and I always had a great connection. We fought a lot of things together. He had the most remarkable spirit, from the first talent show he was in to his dream of up-ending reality TV. He was so talented and passionate. I’m keeping you all in my prayers, God bless.

  3. Scot and I are so sorry to hear of Gabe’s death. We will be praying for you and your family.

  4. My name is Ricky and I went to school with Gabe at West End School, I don’t know if you remember me. I just wanted to send my deepest condolences to you and your family. You will be in my prayers and I’ll hopefully be able to travel up from DC to come on Friday.

  5. Christine,
    Greg C. told us today of your loss and I found your site online.
    I am without words…except that we are praying for you all.
    We are seeing if we can arrange schedules to be in NJ on Thursday. If we are unable to attend, please know you are in our thoughts.


  6. Dear Christine, As I sat in bed last night in sorrow I wrote what was on my heart, one mother to another.

    For Gabriel

    I will not say good-bye this way with epitaphs of grief
    Nor stand in winsome shadows with your earth beneath my feet
    I have but only one choice left among forgotten days
    To sing the song of love we shared in multitudes of ways

    When tossed and tufted winters melted later into spring
    You danced like angels on the grass, and bees long lost their sting
    Mere dreams, like starlight embracing you, fragrant and Divine
    All beauty forged of innocence, youthful rapture without time

    Subtle redefining, sculpted inch by inch and yet
    Not a trace or hint or silent look provokes me to forget
    That in the wonder I have known the greatest of all loves
    Coursing in you, through you, beside you, below, over and above

    And now I’ve found you’ve given me the hardest deed of all
    To carry on our legacy; bear up tender leaves that fall
    To bring honor to the Angel who once slept in his bed
    To live out the idea of you through my life instead

    But I will not say good-bye this way with epitaphs of grief
    NO, I’ll sing the song of love we shared though my voice can barely speak

  7. Mrs. S.,

    I lived with your son last year and loved every minute of it. There are a lot of us coming to NJ because we want your family to know the impact Gabe has on our lives. If there is anything you need then let me know.

    Ben Rey

  8. Scheller Family,
    I went to grade school with Gabe and just established contact with him again last Wednesday. He recalled me instinatly and was amazement to hear from me. He stated I was one of the nicest people he had met for I was always kind to him while the family lived in Long Branch and he thanked me deepley for that. I recall Gabe as always being a nice, funny, and enjoyable – His words to me through e-mails exchanged last week were special to me then and now after hearing this sad news, even more meaningful. I reflect that he was an amazing giving individual and I regret I didn’t get ahold of him sooner. My deepest condolences for your loss.
    Laura Nap.

  9. Christine, Jeff, & Michael:
    We are so sorry.
    Our hearts are deeply saddened with Gabe’s passing. We will remember him with his warm heart and beautiful smile—and the fun times playing with cousins Sara, Jessie, & Brooke.
    We continue to pray for strength and comfort for you and the family at this very difficult time. Our love to you—-
    Mary Beth Durkin & Ian

  10. Chris and Jeff,

    Gabe and your family haven’t been far from my thoughts since I heard the news. I only spent time with Gabe on 2 occasions as adults but it didn’t take long to get a feel for what kind of person he was–smart, funny, kind, and instantly likeable. I can’t express how sorry I am for your loss. My parents are flying out for the services, I unfortunately cannot make it. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.


  11. To Gabe. Thanks for the memories when I met u you were just another one of my employees but in a short time we became friends. Remember the standard hotel in la. I won’t forget the good times. Big what’s up to east coast from Damon Jason and torry see u when we get there koontz. Rip

  12. To the Scheller family:

    Hello, I knew Gabriel when we were pretty young and went to the youth group at Lincroft Bible Church together. We were friends and had a lot of good times together. We lost contact and then ended up at the same undergrad. Wheaton College together, where we shared mutual friends. I am thankful for Gabe and for having been able to know him at different times in his life. He blessed me by being in my life. Grace and peace to your family…

  13. Chris, Jeff, and Mike,

    Just heard about Gabe. Our hearts are broken for you. Please know we will be praying. And if we can do anything above that, please let us know.

  14. To Christine and Jeff,

    I was struck by sorrow to hear of your loss. You are in my prayers at this difficult time.

  15. To Christine, Jeff, Michael and to Gabriel,
    My tears of grief are only surpassed by the precious memories of a lifetime of laughs, joy and the selflessness that you all possess. May we all find comfort in that.

    Aunt Judy

  16. To Christine, Jeff, and Michael,

    Please know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers at this most difficult time.

    Barbara, David Jr., Jordan, and Matt

  17. Dearest Uncle Jeff, Aunt Chris, and Michael,
    Through tears I gratefully remember Gabe’s infectious smile and sense of humor. The picture you chose cannot be an any greater depiction of a “Gabe face”. He was always keeping everyone laughing. I am going to miss him dearly.
    With love always,

  18. Jeff, Christine & Michael

    Gabe brought a sparkle –
    I dearly know.

    He made a difference –
    his friends all say.

    What he had brought us
    you fostered to grow

    Oh Jesus, please comfort
    is all I can pray…

  19. Jeff, Christine, and Michael,

    From the depths of my soul, I am praying for peace and solace for you. You are loved, as is Gabe. May God be your strength in this time of weakness.


  20. Christine, I’m so sorry! Steven called me with the news. Our prayers are with you and the family during this difficult time.

  21. Christine and Jeff,
    We are so sorry – Connie and I have been praying for you since we heard the news on Saturday from Betsy. Our girls also are praying. May the peace that passes all understanding surround you now.

    The Smith Family

  22. Christine,

    We are so sorry for your loss. May you know the presence of the living and loving God who is with you.

  23. dear jeff,chritine & michael

    we are saddened by your loss and share it and keep you inour hearts and prayers.i have memories of picking Gabe up at his pre-school on rt 9 with regie and seeing him come out smiling and carrying his schoolwork…he was so bright and engaging i thought an adult was speaking to us from the back seat.

  24. Mrs Scheller,

    I lived next door to Gabe during his freshman year at Wheaton, on Traber 4, and am honored to have shared a friendship with him since that time. Gabe was so often a breath of fresh air in my life. I remember distinctly poignant conversations and great laughter, things that were not mutually exclusive with Gabe. He was perhaps the most well-known and well-loved individual in our class at Wheaton, and for good reason – few lived life more enthusiastically and with more affection for those around him. It is an understatement to say that he will be missed.

    My heart is heavy. I wish I could be in NJ today.

    Isaac W

  25. dear jeff,christine and michael

    To Gabe…with love.

    High above us,
    you fly by
    on lustrous wings,
    sparkling in the
    clear blue sky.

    Precious are the bonds
    of love
    which hold us together
    through timeless time
    and spaceless space
    until we meet again.

  26. Gabe was a special friend, always the life of the party. We will miss him so much. I remember driving all the way back to campus just to pick him up after being almost to our destination just because we wanted him to be with us. Things were more fun when he did them with you. That’s who Gabe was, a great friend that we all treasured.
    Love, Maggie

  27. To the Scheller Family,

    One of the joys of teaching is to be blessed with a student so full of enthusiasm, love, intelligence and a lively and contagious wit. I was so blessed having Gabe with me for three years of Latin at Long Branch High School. Our classes, our projects, our yearly outings to Montclair State University for Classics Day: all are wonderful memories for me and Gabe’s classmates.

    I, too, celebrate his life and send you my love and prayers.

  28. Dear Christine, Jeff & Michael,

    We were so very sorry to hear of Gabe’s passing, I still remember him as a very loving, funny and sensitive young man.

    I still have the picture he drew for me when our precious Danielle went home to be with the Lord, and Gabe gave it to me as a reminder of a hug from him. Do you remember how he made her and Andrea laugh, they loved him and thought the world of him.

    In my heart of hearts, I know that right now, he’s making Danielle laugh again.

    I pray that you’ll feel Jesus’ comforting arms around you and that you’ll know others are praying for you and your family.

    God bless you, and may His peace surround you.

    With love,
    Angela & Dave Derby

  29. To Gabe. Thanks for all the great times we had! The Standard Downtown, Chronic Cantina, and Oh yea that walk home after I dropped you off at your house. I’ll miss you but never forget you coach. I look forward to seeing you again one day. Much love and respect. RIP

  30. Hi Scheller family… I remember Gabe (and all the rest) from co-op days! Gabe was always so much fun and had such a loving spirit towards me and everyone he came into contact with. I still live in Long Branch and I think of you all when I drive past the old house on Atlantic. I am so sorry to hear of this, and know that our prayers for comfort and restoration are with you.

  31. Christine, Jeff, Michael, Aunt Carol and Richard, Connie, Nathan and family,

    Our hearts morn this incredible loss.
    We stretch out our arms to hold you, our love to comfort you and our prayers to guide you into the new day.

    Our love,
    Suzanne, Peter, Griffin Cooper
    Aunt Irma

  32. Our loss of words is only surpassed by our love for you all. All the times we spent with Gabe in clubs, brigade, youth group, camping.(Gabe was the one willing to eat the LIVE crayfish! A double dog dare of course.
    Our prayers go out for you, that God provides that peace which passes all understanding. Someday, the questions will all have answers. May God keep you till then. We will see you Thursday.

  33. Dear Christine & Jeff,

    My heart breaks with you … I pray the Lord surrounds you with His peace, love and comfort … and as you travel this valley of the shadow of death, may you fear no evil … may you feel the consoling presence of your Shepherd King … may you experience His mercy … and may He take care of all your needs.

    In His ever-giving love,

    Kathy Gilbert

  34. Dear Christine, Jeff and Mike,
    We are heart broken . We remember with fondness the many times gabe was at our house.
    I always enjoyed having him around. He was always very friendly and not afraid to hang out and talk to an old lady. ( I think I was the one who gave him the nickname Eddie Haskell.) We are praying for you all that the Lord will comfort you and surround you with his love and presence.

    In his love, Mike Marianne Andrew and Carrie Fornataro

  35. Jesus said, “Let not your heart be troubled. Ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father’s House are many mansions. If it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you, that where I am, ye may be also….”

    We rejoice in the many loving memories expressed on this site. Gabe was a special guy.

    Christine, Jeff, Michael – our love and prayers go out to you.

    Aunt Linda & Uncle Phil

  36. Dear Christine & Jeff,

    Carol and I want to let you know that, although we did not know Gabe for very long, the few times we met him there was an immediate affection for a very personable young man. Nothing we say can be enough nor could you have ever been adequately prepared for this tragedy … But we pray that in the coming days, months and years that although your loss will never be extinguished, your faith will give you the peace and understanding of God’s greater purpose.

    Our hearts and prayers are with you,

    Doug & Carol Fuhrman

  37. Mrs. Scheller,

    Hi, I’m one of Gabe’s friends from Irvine who was at the memorial today. I am glad to have met you and your family and my prayers go out to you. Gabe was an unforgettable person who told stories like no other and had an infectious sense of humor. He was wise beyond his years, and he bestowed wisdom and helped instill confidence in those he met — I can certainly attest to that.

    With love,

  38. Christine, Michael, Jeff, Carol and Richard, Connie, Nathan and family,

    You are in our prayers. May God comfort you at this time of unbelievable sorry.

    Kathy, Raymond, Lauren and Peter Stitz

  39. I met Gabe in Camp Winnebago 2006. A remarkable person, kids love him a lot. From the bottom of my heart I hope God give the family the energy and spirituality in this difficult times. Thanks Gabe to bright so many happy times to people who meet you, thanks…

  40. Dear Jeff, Christine and Michael – there have been countless times over the years that I have thought of you, missed you and eagerly heard news of you from afar. Never would I imagine that we would all reconnect in this way. How difficult it is now to find words to say just how grieved we all are over losing Gabe. I pray that we all hold fast to Jesus and to each other in our grief.

    I have a distinct memory of being a “rebel” teenager baby-sitting for Gabe and Mike. The boys were kind enough to rat me out when they discovered a pack of cigarettes in my backpack. Christine was courageous enough to relay this information to my parents…a grounding ensued, and I was sentenced to strict attendance at TBC youth group. A few weeks later, I recommitted my life to Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I now have two little kids of my own, who are growing in the knowledge that Jesus loves them and died to save them. So, thank you, Gabe and Mike for telling on me and sparking change in the course of my life, and the life of my children. And thank you, Chris and Jeff, for being such tireless examples of God’s redemptive Love.

    Much love, Katy (and Josh, Nina & Miles)

  41. To the Scheller Family,

    I knew Gabe very well, and I’m honored to have been his friend. He had a great personality and was a loyal and trusting friend who I will miss deeply. He had a contagious smile and was one of those guys who you just enjoyed being around. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

    With my deepest condolences,
    Michael Arban

  42. Christine and Jeff:
    Our thoughts are with you.

    Jim, Mary and Esme

  43. Dear Christine,

    We continue to pray for you and your family. So sorry for your loss.

    Ed Gilbreath

  44. Dear Schellers:
    My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Gabe was a remarkable young man… we met at work and our friendship grew. He was very funny, talented and caring person. He knew how to make someone laugh no matter how upset that person was. I consider myself lucky to of had him as a friend…

    Gabe… the chronic cantina and tia juana nights were fun… see you in the heaven’s above.


  45. Oh Christine,Jeff and Michael,
    Our hearts are completely broken for you. May our ever-faithful Lord be your comfort and strength and give you peace so you can go on.
    Your sorrow seems too hard to bear and we have no words except to cling to your Lord and Saviour. “He loves you with an everlasting love and underneath are the everlasting arms.” We will be praying for you. So sad that we couldnt be at the funeral.
    Love, Art and Dawn

  46. Scheller Family,
    I had the privilege to serve in the same ministry at Wheaton with Gabe and witness his passion for serving the Lord. He made a big impact on me and the campus and he will be missed. Praise God that he is resting in His arms. Blessings to your family.
    Vince Campbell

  47. Chris & Jeff,
    Megan & Scott relayed the heartbreaking news to us. Please know you are in our hearts and prayers. May the God of all comfort hold you close in his loving arms.
    In His love,
    Mike & Mary Beckdolt

  48. Gabe was my roommate my sophomore year @ Wheaton, some of my deepest and most meaningful conversations where shared with him I will miss him dearly! During my time at Wheaton I shared things with Gabe that I haven’t shared with many people was always there to lend a listening ear and warming words of comfort. Gabe will always hold a place in my heart and memories; his contagious humor is something I will never forget. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. God bless with my deepest condolences,

  49. Christine,
    My name is Kacey my grandfather(Al) is very good friends with your mom and dad. I just wanted to pay my respects to you and your family. I will pray for all of you.

  50. Crying with you as you grieve the loss of your beautiful son and praying for comfort for you all.

    So very, very sorry for your loss.
    — Tara B.

  51. Christine and family…

    I grieve with you in your loss and rejoice with you in your hope. Yet another paradox, this.

    May God’s shalom find its way into every corner of your heart.

  52. Dear Jeff and Christine,
    We are so sorry for your loss and are praying for you constantly!
    Scott and Megan

  53. The service at TBC
    Thursday was a beautiful, tribute to a wonderful,loving young man. Jeff’s testimony, we are sure, was very helpful to many there dealing with depression. You all are very special family and we are praying everyday for the Joy of the Lord along with his peace to truly remain with you always. Love, Charlie, Jan, Drew and Kristin

  54. Chris and Jeff,

    You both amaze us. Your graciousness, wisdom and the love for others that you have demonstrated in this last unspeakably difficult week testify to the power of God living in and through you. We love you and Mike so much.

    Kim and Tony

  55. To Gabe and his family:

    I am really sorry to hear what happened to your son. I have kept you in my prayers ever since I heard of the tragedy. Gabe, I really wish I kept in touch with you since you left LBHS. We had a lot of laughs and I still have the great drawings you made. May you rest in peace and I will keep your family in my prayers that they handle everything to the best of their ability; inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raaji-un.

  56. We don’t know each other, but I cried reading this, and looking at this picture. I grieve with you, but like you, take comfort in the belief that your beloved son is with a God whose child he is also and who loves him even more than you do. My prayers are with you in your loss.

  57. Chris, I’m sorry I didn’t get to speak directly to you at Gabe’s service in New Jersey. I spoke with your parents and Jeff, but you were surrounded with people after the service. Please know that my thoughts and prayes continue to be with you as you deal with your loss. I can still hear Gabe’s voice clearly as he would stand at the back of the church and we would catch each other’s eyes – out would come this exhuberant voice saying “Cherieeeeeeee,” his arms would fling open and his small frame would extend the biggest hug. I loved that boy! Thank you for that beautiful service. I KNOW it helped others who deal with depression.

  58. Dear Chris & Jeff, I’m sorry I couldn’t get down to the service for Gabe,but I want you to know you are in my prayers.
    Aunt RuthAnn

  59. Mr. and Mrs. Scheller, and Mike.

    I’m sooo sorry to hear about Gabe. I’ve been looking to get in contact with all of you since my family and I moved to Florida. I just created a facebook account a couple days ago. I typed in Gabe’s name and figured this is my last chance to get in touch. I’m shocked.

    I was in Jersey for the first time in March, from the 5th, to the 15th. Drove past our houses, I felt like I could knock on your door and ask for Mike and Gabe to come out and play.

    I hope to keep in touch.

    And again, I’m sorry. I wish I could’ve found him sooner.

  60. I met Gabe my freshman year at Wheaton. We had a class together and he was on my brother floor. Every time I saw him, I couldn’t help but smile there was something about him that always stood out to me, making me glad that he was there throughout it all. May peace be with your family.

  61. Gabe was on my floor freshman year at Wheaton. He wasn’t my ‘best’ friend, but we hung out a lot with the sophomores from our floor. This in and of itself is a miracle, as I was a shy homeschooled kid from overseas, but Gabe didn’t care, and wouldn’t let me stay in my shell. Gabe also taught me how to flirt and to ask girls out. Because of that, I am now married to a wonderful woman. For this, I am indebted to him, and am very thankful to both him and his family. I give my deepest condolences, and I will be praying for all of you.

  62. Gabe was one of my student employees (in the Print Shoppe) during his time at Wheaton. The thought of him makes me smile. He will truly be missed by all who knew him. My prayers are with your family. Peace to all

  63. Hi Christine,

    I am so sorry for your loss. I lived with Gabe during our freshman years at Wheaton College. My earliest memory of Gabe was talking with him on the phone for the first time a few weeks before classes were to start. I don’t remember much from the conversation besides thinking that we seemed pretty different and Gabe was full of energy 🙂 Me, an insecure “country boy” and Gabe, a gregarious “city kid”.

    As freshman year went by, Gabe and I began constructing a relationship. Despite our different backgrounds we began warming up to each other, sharing laughs, and learning about each other. I think that freshman year in general was hard for both of us in seperate ways. I was busy with basketball and coursework and Gabe was equally involved in a multitude of activities and trying to decide what area he wanted to major in. We met each other on the common ground of an unsure future and a challenging present. Looking back on that time, Gabe was there for me 100%. I’ll always be connected to him, and thankful, for that time of challenge and growth. I have not gotten to thank him for that yet, so for now thank you for raising a son that cared about others even when he was being challenged. I cannot express how much it meant to me.

    During the course of the year, we also talked about our backgrounds and families. I have absolutely no doubt that Gabe loved you, his father, brother, and grandparents. Also he knew that each of you loved him earnestly. He regularly talked about everyone and how he longed to spend time together again. He showed me pictures, told me funny stories, and constantly laughed about silly family memories. I can still remember the way he affectionately said his goodbyes to you on our old landline phone after long conversations filled with laughter and encouragement. I know that you provided for him in those times and he was encouraged.

    Over the next 3 years, Gabe and I saw each other in passing fairly often. He never once failed to encourage me or make me laugh during those brief conversations. Seeing each other was a chance to check in with each other and make sure the subsequent years were going better, more enjoyable. I hope that I did my part to encourage him in the way that he encouraged me. Maybe in some way, his ability and willingness to initiate conversations and then turn them around to meet the other person in their need prevented me from providing him with the same grace. His genuine care for others, especially those he loved and cared for, is such an important memory to hold onto. I can only guess it was from his family and how you cared for him in the same way.

    From knowing Gabe for the four years he was at Wheaton I can fully attest to the fact that Gabe 1. cared about his Faith and dealt with it from an honest perspective 2. genuinely thought about the Lord’s desires for our lives and tried to honor that and help me do the same. 3. gracefully encouraged and cared for those around him inspite of his own need for encouragment

    I don’t fully understand the intricacies of life and how we as humans can weather so much, yet be so affected by one decision among hundreds and thousands, but I do know that my life was better for knowing Gabe and I can’t help but to remember him as a blessing and an example.

    I will continue to keep Gabe and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Always remembering how delicate life is and the encouragement that he was to me while he was on this earth.

  64. I was Gabe’s R.A. during the 04-05 year which was my senior year and I lived right across from him. I love him and miss him. My prayers are with you all.

  65. To Mrs. Scheller, Mr. Gifford, and Mike,

    I really don’t know why I am writing on this wall except that I have been stricken with grief over Gabe’s loss again. I know I am being selfish by writing this post but I don’t know where else I can vent. I hope I don’t bring up the pain of his loss but I just miss him so much. I would give up everything if I could just see him one more time. I want to call him so bad. I just want to hear his voice. I loved him like a brother. Please let me know if I can do anything for you. His friends and I will do everything in our power to honor him by serving you as your surrogate children. We are a brotherhood that will not be overcome by the sting of death. My prayers are always with you and am forever in his debt for his love and kindness towards me.


  66. Dave,

    There is nothing selfish in your post. You are not alone in being stricken. In some ways, things have gotten easier for us; in other ways the reality is more unbearable than ever. Last night was a very bad night for me. Mornings are generally okay. As the day wears on, the weight grows heavier and heavier on my mind. Jeff is back to work full time and is interviewing people to take Gabe’s position. What a horror for him. Mike is doing well and is attentive to our needs.

    You and Gabe’s other friends have been a great comfort to us … you especially. Gabe loved you like a brother too. He said you were the only person who really got him. Thank you!

    I’ve wanted to call you to tell you some things, but have been hesitant to intrude. I will do so today or tomorrow. I’m also going to send you Al Hsu’s book, Grieving A Suicide. I met Al at a conference a month or so before Gabe died and saw his book on a display table. Before we left for NJ, I emailed and asked him to send me a copy. It was waiting for me when we got home and has been a help. Al’s dad took his own life just months after Al was married. He took comfort in his bride. I pray you are taking comfort in your yours. Gabe would want that.

    He did not comprehend how much pain he would cause us all … how much pain he would cause you, a newlywed who should be loving life right now. This is one way that I know he was sick. Who writes 11 letters telling people how much he loves them and how he knows he is loved? Gabe. Loving, kind, confused, impulsive Gabe.

    There is no hope of seeing him again apart from our faith. May we take hold of it ever more firmly.

    Blessings to you.

  67. Below are quotes from the Remembering Gabriel Scheller group on Facebook:

    Shayne Scheller (Jersey Shore, NJ) wrote
    at 1:41pm
    Man Dude
    Dude Man Dude..
    Man dude dude…
    …Dude man
    I made it to cali… just a little late..
    wish u were still here to show me the ropes
    love you like a brother man
    hang easy

    Tim Williams (UNC) wrote
    at 8:55pm yesterday
    Just wanted to share with anyone else –
    Sara Groves’ new song “When the Saints” has really ministered to me in the last couple of days since I’ve found out about Gabe’s passing. I hope it might minister to you, also. Love you.


    Ruey Lin (Wheaton IL) wrote
    at 10:07pm on April 12th, 2008
    Rapping about childhood, dinosaur backpack, spanish, SAO chats…

    …Gabe, you are missed.

    Jenny Tavares (Wheaton IL) wrote
    at 3:13pm on April 12th, 2008
    Gabe was always someone who could make me laugh – no matter what was going on in life. He was one of those friends that made Wheaton bearable for me. He is a beautiful person and his spirit will live on forever.

    Jake Gilbert (Boston, MA) wrote
    at 6:31am on April 10th, 2008
    Gabe was a great guy…we’ll all miss him

    Sam Karson (Mamaroneck High School) wrote
    at 2:32pm on April 9th, 2008
    I’ll miss you Gabe. Our time together in Bunk 21 is invaluable. May your memory be for blessing.

    Jeremy Scruggs (Wheaton IL) wrote
    at 8:37am on April 9th, 2008
    I’m in total shock…one minute I’m encouraging him to get out there and do his best, the next minute, this happens. I owe Gabe about everything: he helped transform me from a shy, awkward homeschooled kid into a social, outgoing, happy guy. He also singlehandedly banished my fear of flirting, no joke. If it wasn’t for him, I’d have probably never mustered up the guts to ask Christine (now my wife) out on a date. I offer my utmost gratitude and condolences to both Gabe and his family – Thank you, and I will be praying for all of you. Rest in peace, Gabe, and goodbye.

    Will Gore (New York, NY) wrote
    at 7:55pm on April 8th, 2008
    Gabe was an incredible and outstanding young man. Although I only knew him for one summer in the year 2005 he had a profound impact on who I am today. He had the ability to cheer me up when homesick and could always provide a laugh. I extend my deepest condolences to Gabe’s family and his close friends.
    We will all miss you buddy. RIP

    Alex Siegel (Santa Barbara, CA) wrote
    at 7:17pm on April 8th, 2008

    David Gore (the churchill School and Center) wrote
    at 7:09pm on April 6th, 2008
    Gabe you were a great guy and i am going to miss you buddy. REST IN PEACE

    Jasper Alderete (UC Irvine) wrote
    at 6:09pm on April 6th, 2008
    Gabe, I love you man. I met you only a few months ago, but you’ve been good people to me since. I remember hitting up the Immortal Technique concert, and almost getting my ass kicked there, haha. good times. Plus your comedy debut at the Comedy Store was awesome. I wish I could still tell my friends to go to your next show. Also, because of you, I can now talk to people a lot easier. I saw the way you were with people, so easy going and stuff. I’m sure you’re gonna be missed by many. Just so you know, it’s hard to write this because I still don’t believe your not here anymore. I often feel like picking up my phone and giving you a call to see what your up to, but I guess it’s just hard to face the truth. I hope to go visit you sometime soon. Rest In Power, Gabriel.

    Ken Hershey (Scarsdale Senior High School) wrote
    at 3:23pm on April 4th, 2008
    Gabe was honestly one of the kindest and most open people I have ever known. Doing video with him during my “Bow” year at camp made the summer. He was always extremely friendly and he was full of good ideas. I always thought he was going places; he was the kind of guy I expected to see on TV years later and recognize (apparently this ended up true). It’s so sad to see him go, and I must extend my deepest condolences to those who knew him better than I, especially his close friends and family.

    Gabe, my thoughts are with you. You had a tremendously positive impact on my life, and I am eternally grateful for that.

    Katie Colabroy (Eastern) wrote
    at 1:03pm on April 4th, 2008
    i’m so upset i missed the funeral I’ve been out of the country- I wish i could have been there to say goodbye. I have so many great memories of Gabe, he always made me laugh.

    RIP Gabe. See ya up there-

    Jimmy James wrote
    at 7:16am on April 4th, 2008
    I can’t believe this.
    Gabe used to be my OPS manager at boomers in irvine.

    i always loved working with him, and when he needed to jumpstart his car at the end of the shift.

    Henry Langer (Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School) wrote
    at 10:16pm on April 3rd, 2008
    You truly were an outstanding individual and a great person to be around.
    I hope that where ever you are, you are at peace.
    I will miss you bro

    Jenna Speight wrote
    at 9:40pm on April 3rd, 2008
    I’ve come back to this page everyday since I heard the news. When I saw the pictures of Gabe as a child it hit me so hard, that was the Gabe I remember, this perfect, beautiful baby. I only saw him a twice in the last couple years but reading what everyone has said about him made me realize what a truly amazing person we have lost and just how many lives he has touched.

    Matt Siami (Wheaton IL) wrote
    at 9:19pm on April 3rd, 2008
    Gabe lived on the floor above me his freshman year and we were involved in a few mischievous capers together. Gabe had a great perspective on life and was very easygoing; a good soul that I look forward to seeing when i join him and our Father.

    Joshua Seiden (Scarsdale Senior High School) wrote
    at 7:03pm on April 3rd, 2008
    Gabe was truly a great guy. I will always remember sitting by the soft ball diamond with him and comically discussing all the players on the field. Though I only knew him for a short period of time, he was a great influence on me. I will truly miss him. RIP.

    Nate Gilbert (Newburyport High School) wrote
    at 6:54pm on April 3rd, 2008
    Gabe was a great guy and always fun to be around.

    Rest in Peace Gabe

    Max Bledstein (The Beacon School) wrote
    at 6:48pm on April 3rd, 2008
    I was shocked to hear this…i still am. I will never forget the humor and joy that gabe brought to camp and everyone around him.

    Matt Hershey (Scarsdale Senior High School) wrote
    at 5:48pm on April 3rd, 2008
    Gabe was by far the funniest person I have ever met in my life. I still remember his jokes and how entertaining his personality was. His death is truly a tragedy. RIP.

    Aaron Kaat (Wheaton IL) wrote
    at 4:09pm on April 3rd, 2008
    I’ve been waiting to hear about Gabe on Next – I would never have expect to hear this. This is truly sad. Rest well, Gabe, rest well.

    Chris Trapani (Stockton) wrote
    at 3:14pm on April 3rd, 2008
    gonna miss you bro

    Mike Pauker (Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School) wrote
    at 2:55pm on April 3rd, 2008
    The only way to say it– this really sucks. I grieve for Gabe and his family tonight and hope he finds a peaceful place wherever hes headed. He has a place in my prayers. R.I.P. Gabe Scheller.

    Midge K wrote
    at 8:44pm on April 2nd, 2008
    Looking through the pictures today….it just reminds me of how much Gabe used to make me laugh as a little kid and young man. He really made an impact on so many lives around him; just by the way he can really give you some great expressions. I was saying in one picture how he knew that just smiling would get him out of anything he was being mischievous about. When I was in nursery or even watching him with my cousin Frank…They would get nuts and when you went to check on them…he’d give you a silly, mad, or smiley face….I knew I was doomed because they know I was such a sucker for it all! I will never forget how much I always ALWAYS laughed around Gabe. Much Love and Blessings.

    Megan Feaver (Brookdale) wrote
    at 8:35pm on April 2nd, 2008
    The last time I can remember seeing Gabe was 12 or so years ago when he we were in the same homeschool group. I never knew him really well but what I do remember of him is that he was always joking around and making people laugh. It’s really weird for me to look back, remember what he was like, and realize he’s gone. My prayers are definitely with the family.

    Elliott Silverman (St. Andrew’s) wrote
    at 7:16pm on April 2nd, 2008
    Gabe was hilarious
    he made the summer of 05
    he will be missed

    Tyrone Maina (Stuyvesant High School) wrote
    at 5:41pm on April 2nd, 2008
    Gabe was one of my favorite counselors during the summer of 2005 and one of the funniest guys I knew, i can’t believe hes gone

    Daniel Madoff (Greenwich High School) wrote
    at 5:17pm on April 2nd, 2008
    Gabe was my camp counselor and he was always a great guy. one of the funniest and nicest people ive ever met

    David Herson (NYU) wrote
    at 8:16am on April 2nd, 2008
    This is awful… I also knew gabe for only the summer of 05, but he was an awesome guy who could make everyone laugh. he was the kind of kid that made people happy to be around him. it’s a terrible shame that he is gone so soon.

    Steven Crossley (Manchester) wrote
    at 3:32am on April 2nd, 2008
    Devastating news!

    Gabe was my bunk mate in 2005 at Camp Winnebago and we spent some wonderful itmes together. Probably the funniest guy I have ever met who will be missed dearly. Whatever he is doing, I am sure he is making someone laugh. Rest in peace Gabe

    Brian Furey (Scarsdale Senior High School) wrote
    at 6:55pm on April 1st, 2008
    I only knew Gabe for about a summer, but in that time we had some great times. He was someone I looked up to and I’ve often thought about how I was gonna try and see him again next summer and how we’d bum around, make jokes and just chill out. I was always comfortable around him and he really was an inspiration to me to always be kind and loving to all those around you. I hope one day I can help someone as much as Gabe helped me. I’ll see you around buddy. Rest in peace.

    Taneka Jennings (Wheaton IL) wrote
    at 9:09pm on March 31st, 2008
    Gabe and I knew each other way back when in Lincroft, NJ. He was so much fun and a good guy…I have good memories of him and his crazy self. It’s so sad to think that he’s gone now. Oh, Gabe…

    Andy Reynolds (Philadelphia Biblical) wrote
    at 8:24pm on March 31st, 2008
    I haven’t seen Gabe in about a year, it was last Good Friday at Trinity. I can’t believe that that was the last time I’ll see him. He was a good friend growing up, always having some witty joke to chear you up, but I can recall several times where he called me out on my mistakes, lovingly correcting me. I only regret not being able to spend more time w/ him since the time his family moved. I love him and can’t wait to see him again. Gabe’s life was a testimony to Jesus – let us remember that in such a tough time. It is what he would want.

    Bryan Rhie (Wheaton IL) wrote
    at 3:42pm on March 31st, 2008
    you will forever be in our memories, gabe. we’ll see you soon.

    Rob Woods (Monmouth) wrote
    at 7:17am on March 31st, 2008
    I knew Gabe very well since grammar school. We lived close and were very good friends throughout high school. This is tragic, cant describe what I feel. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. He was a very good friend, caring and thoughtful. I will miss him deeply. So many memories. Hurts so bad.

    David Neff (Chicago, IL) wrote
    at 6:59am on March 31st, 2008
    I didn’t really know Gabriel (just met him once), but his mother wrote about him for Christianity Today in such a moving way, that we can begin to feel their sorrow. Christine has been a valued writer for Christianity Today for a number of years, and my heart really goes out to the Schellers.

    Stacey Sanzone wrote
    at 7:04pm on March 30th, 2008
    Gabe was the sweetest little boy at Trinity, so genuine and kind hearted. I am saddened by this news. My heart goes out to the Schellers. Peace be with you during this horrible time.

    Eric Gibson (Jersey Shore, NJ) wrote
    at 5:34pm on March 30th, 2008
    R.I.P bro, god be with you

    Lisa Strassle (Brookdale) wrote
    at 12:17pm on March 30th, 2008
    I’ll always remember him with his huge smile and running after all the girls…

    Ryan Strassle (Stockton) wrote
    at 8:59am on March 30th, 2008
    i’ll never forget gabe and all the fun we had.

    Kat Maresco (NYU) wrote
    at 8:13pm on March 29th, 2008
    Wow, I don’t think I’ve seen Gabe since the 8th grade. It is always so sad when a life ends so early.

    Midge K wrote
    at 7:14pm on March 29th, 2008
    Oh Gabe…I remember when you were a baby. The cutest little boy who grew into an amazing and handsome young man.

    Our hearts are hurting for your family and you will NEVER be forgotten. ~Much Love!

    Jenna Speight wrote
    at 4:17pm on March 29th, 2008
    I didn’t know Gabe well but I am devastated. My condolences go out to his friends and family. Rest in Peace Gabe.

    Rob Renuart wrote
    at 1:57pm on March 29th, 2008
    such a shame and unexpected

    Danielle Quatrone wrote
    at 12:30pm on March 29th, 2008
    RIP gabe u will always be remembered.

  68. Over for dinner at your house, I can still hear you call upstairs…Michael? Gabe? Although Gabe has now answered an even bigger call I can’t help feeling selfish over the loss of him. In some religeous instruction, late in life, we were told that it’s okay to be mad at God. At the time I felt God intended that to be said for me. It lifted a great burdon off my shoulders. My faith and love grows more every day, but as I sit here now, I chose to be a little mad again. While God takes good care of that kind hearted soul I want you to know that the many miles between us has not seperated our hearts. It’s amazing how one life can touch so many. We miss you.

  69. Hi Bill,

    So funny you should post tonight. I was just looking at Stacy’s family photos on her facebook page. Everyone has grown up so much, and the girls are so pretty. I hope Florida is treating you all well. Thanks for the kind thoughts. You brought tears to my eyes. Please give everyone a hug for us.

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  76. Gabe is still remembered and missed.

    Wheaton College 05

  77. Thanks so much Gerreyl, It’s good to know we’re not alone in missing him. Blessings to you.~

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