Gabriel’s Memorial Service: Dr. Aaron Kheriaty

I am posting this video, despite the fact that it somehow got rotated. (We’ll try to correct the problem.) Turn your computer sideways or close your eyes and listen.

Update 7/9/08: A friend kindly rotated this video for me, but YouTube uploaded the uncorrected version sideways anyway. If you know a solution, please email me at

God bless you, Aaron.

4 Comments on “Gabriel’s Memorial Service: Dr. Aaron Kheriaty

  1. I wasn’t able to be there for the memorial or even the service in New Jersey; other than seeing you all at the viewing.

    It was good to hear what Dr. Kheriaty had to say. It’s true that people think afterward “what if” I too am guilty of doing just that. I always hold people close to my heart; but unfortunately sometimes it is so hard to stay in contact for whatever reason. There is so much that goes on in my own life and I tend to lose contact with people. It is such a harsh reality when something like a death brings people back together again. I constantly asked myself since I was told about Gabe “there are so many things like MySpace and Face Book…why didn’t I just try and find him that way? Why didn’t I write a letter to you all telling you how much I missed you all the times I thought of you all?” However it’s the fact that I’ve known you all since I was a little girl and understand that (thank GOD) we are all a family in Him. It’s a comfort because even though our lives take us is so many different directions; we will all wind up together again when we meet Him face to face. It was such a comfort Chris, when you reminded me that Aunt Eileen is holding Gabe in her arms; welcoming him to heaven..It truly helped me know in my heart that Gabe would never want people to think that it was our fault and that he is watching over us and waiting for our chance to see him again. Thank you so much for so many kind things you all shared even though you were all grieving so much more than we could ever imagine.

    We continue each night to pray for you all and will never stop. We love you all very much!

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