You Are the God Who Sees

Jeff\'s Graduation

Jeff and I were on staff together at our former church with pastor and worship leader Holland Davis. With no direction and little notice, Holland agreed to provide music at Gabe’s service in California. His ministry to us was tender and beautiful.  This song was one of two he sang in addition to the gentle guitar strumming that filled the sanctuary at various places in the service. The other song is called “O Love that Will Not Let Me Go.” Holland tells me it hasn’t been recorded yet. I hope he’s working on that.

5 Comments on “You Are the God Who Sees

  1. Hello Mrs. Scheller,

    Thank you for posting your thoughts on this blog. It has given me comfort today. Things have been still pretty difficult over here at Wheaton and hard to process through. I think of Gabe often, especially these days. He is so greatly missed. I have received several pictures of Gabe at Wheaton from friends of his and would like to send them to your family. Also, the art piece that is hanging in our office with Gabe on it–the artist, Matt Ritsman has made a smaller version of it, and would like to send it to you as well. It’s a beautiful piece.

    Would you please send me an address that I can send these things to you?

    We are praying for you and your family.

  2. Dear Sue,

    I was thinking I needed to get in touch with you, so thanks for posting. I’ll email you today. We’d be honored to have the art piece and anything else. We plan on having Gabe’s comic strips with the bunny and the bear put into book form for his friends. Haven’t even gotten to the thank you notes though.

    We need the prayers. Thank you.

  3. Thank you so much for the privilege of being a part of Gabe’s memorial service. It was truly a memorable and touching experience for Roxie and I. It also reminds us of how precious our time with each other is. Thank you for the invitation to share this deeply personal time with you all.


  4. Holland,

    We love you both. There was nobody else who came to mind to minister in song. The Saint James family was incredibly touched by your ministry.