Poetry and Art

The poets and artists silence us pontificators …

For Gabe, a poem by Chuck Liu

Kitchen Cabinet Cross by Richard Gifford and Lenny Bernotas


Art and Inspiration by Gabriel Scheller

Art is passion.

Art is emotion.

Love, anger, hatred, bitterness,

hope, dreams and beauty

reflected in lead, ink, paint and film.

Art isn’t what’s popular.

It’s not spoon-fed baby food

consumed by the crying infant of society.

Society is crying for passion.

The type of art that captures.

Captures that moment.

That tear. That smile.

That laugh. That touch.

We all find solace in art

because it reaffirms

the feelings and experiences

we thought we only had ourselves,

but didn’t have the skill

or courage to express it.

An artist opens his heart. His soul. In the hopes

that just one person

finds solace in not being the only one.

Money doesn’t drive me.

The bottled up tears of my peers

are what inspire me.

[© GGS 11/2/05]


[note: I had intended to post Gabriel’s film parody of MTV’s Total Request Live (TRL) today, but was unable to upload the file to YouTube. Perhaps another time. One of Gabe’s goals in auditioning for Next and The Real World was to manipulate the manipulators … even as he himself struggled to resist being manipulated by commercial influences.] 

3 Comments on “Poetry and Art

  1. I particularly like the end. His muse being the emotions of his friends… their need for someone to come by and open what was perhaps long closed.

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