CT & Teddy: I’m Not Racist, You Know by Gabriel G. Scheller

I'm Not a Racist, You know

[© GGS circa 2007, all rights reserved.]


Dialogue Replay

Girl Bunny: “Hi Sean. ♥Heey♥ ♥ Teddy!♥”

CT (Sean): “Wassup Girl!”

Teddy: “Hmph.”

CT: “Damn, she is foiine!!”

Teddy: “She’s okay. I don’t really like bunnies.”

CT: “What?! Why?!”

Teddy: “Ears are too long and their tails are too big. Gross. Give me little ears and tiny tails. You can have the bunnies.”

CT: “Sometimes I don’t know how we are friends.”

Teddy: “I’m not racist, you know.”

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