Conversation with CT: You Are Me by Gabriel G. Scheller

You are Me


Dialogue Replay

CT: What’s up Gabe?

Gabe: What’s up man?

CT: Ouch!

Gabe: Sorry.

CT: It’s cool. Don’t push so hard.

Gabe: I want your ears in the back.

CT: OK … Done?

Gabe: Almost.

CT: I look kind of bland.

Gabe: Shhh.

CT: Gabe, why do you draw me?

Gabe: Damn, you talk a lot. I draw you because you are an expression of my inner conflict. You are me.

CT: No one could hang out tonight, huh?

Gabe: No! Yes … I need more friends.

[©GGS circa 2007, all rights reserved.]