Saddleback Civil Forum on the Presidency 2 pm



I’ve not been relegated to the hinterland after all. The “media filing tent” is a short walk from the main sanctuary and the NBC news team is camped in front of me. Candy Crowley just walked in. I think I like her better than Dowd, who I’ve not seen. Crowley is an ample woman with brains, a smoky voice and a prolific career in television news, sans obvious cosmetic enhancements. My kind of woman!

I haven’t come across any Jeannie Moos oddities, unless one counts the love note pictured above, which greeted me you know where. I wonder about the person who posted it. Was she bored (I presume it was a she) or divinely inspired? I did smile when I sat and saw, but not for the reason she intended. Then again, if it was a divine appointment, and I needed to hear that I’m loved while I was you know where, doing you know what, I must be in trouble.

I did meet two middle-aged African American women getting off the shuttle bus from a distant parking lot. (I’m told the campus is 120+ acres; it feels like a typical SoCal mall, which I find odd being that it’s a church.) They’d been stripped of purses, cell phones, cameras, etc. Contrary to what the OC Register was reporting earlier in the week, these women did not pay for tickets. In fact, Carolyn Jones, a nurse from Laguna Beach, stopped in the church office yesterday afternoon to inquire about the event and was offered free tickets … to watch from tent # 2, a short distance from the press’ air conditioned abode.

Jones is an Obama supporter. She’s ecstatic about the prospect of the first black president. Her priority issues are the economy and universal health care. She also thinks we ought to prioritize social justice issues in the U.S. before investing in Africa and elsewhere. Doesn’t she know it’s sexier, and oh so much easier, to send a check?  

The press tent is filling up. I’m going in for a photo op with Crowley before things get too busy. Check back later.

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  1. Still, I wonder about these things. A hug would have been better. Hug a stranger in the potty. Hmmm. Maybe not.