Tommorrow …

I’ll be one of hundreds of reporters descending on Saddleback Church for Rick Warren’s Civil Forum on the Presidency, starring Senators Barack Obama and John McCain. I’m hoping to run into Maureen Dowd, only I’m pretty sure she’ll be in the auditorium and I’ll be watching remotely from the “media filing tent.”

The “D” list journalists and I will be camping outside while a pastor conducts the interviews. Not even Dowd is allowed to ask a question. I was going to say that if these guys had crossed paths with some of the pastors I’ve known, they’d stick with journalists, but then the names Wright and Hagee popped into my head. Proof positive they’re smart enough, or, at least, savvy enough, to lead.

At any rate, let’s hope my sojourn on the “Z” list turns out to be as lucrative as Kathy Griffin‘s exploits. I could do with a little less reality though, which is why I’ll be live-blogging the event in the spirit of CNN’s Jeannie Moos. You know Jeannie Moos. She reports on obscure oddities from the underbelly of life. Expect nothing.

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll get something worthy of writing about for I’m not optimistic. I’ll be relegated to the hinterland, after all, and isn’t even online yet. I’ve not been to Saddleback before, however, and couldn’t pass up the possibility of setting eyes and ears on the next president. If not him, then at least Dowd, the wench.

That was a joke, by the way. An ode to Dowd, the columnist men love to hate and women secretly envy.

2 Comments on “Tommorrow …

  1. Christine, you’re back! Awesome. And funny. What a way to plan re-entry.

    I look forward to your live-blogging.

  2. Well, it’s today and I’m off, many hours early, but that’s what was suggested. We’ll see what ensues.

    I’m interested in the anti-anti immigration protesters that are supposed to be there, along with their rival Minutemen. Which Minutemen they are, I’ve no idea, as the group has split into dueling mini-minutemen camps. Sounds like a party.