Goodnight Saddleback







Here’s Gary Bauer selling John McCain. He thinks Obama’s in trouble.


Here’s Joshua DuBois, National Director of Religious Affairs for the Obama campaign. He seemed less than thrilled when I asked him if he was disappointed that Warren didn’t ask a question about race relations. He thinks his guy “knocked it out of the ballpark” by talking about his personal faith, health care, the energy crisis, etc. It was a mantra he repeated to several reporters.







Here’s Cynthia McFadden of Nightline wrapping interviews after the event. The gentleman in blue is one of the attendees that I spoke with, Hayward Cheesebourough. I’m going to follow up with him and others later this week, and perhaps again as November approaches.


My only look at the inner sanctum. The tent was fun, though, especially talking with a French reporter who’s been in the US 50 years, but only became a citizen a few years back. She thinks socialism ruined France. Says she’s going back if the socialists take over here. Huh?

I did manage to find an African American McCain supporter, the Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson. Reverend Jesse was undecided before tonight, but was so impressed with McCain that he’s ready to put a campaign sign on his lawn. Peterson was also the only non-campaign operative I saw pursuing multiple interviews.  

I didn’t snap a photo of Brian and Lauren. They’re a couple of kids who watched from tent #3. Brian is black and Lauren is a toe-headed blonde. They looked to be about 12, but said they are old enough to vote in this presidential election. Both thought Obama was the more personable of the candidates. Lauren seemed reluctant to express her opinion about McCain in front of Brian. He wasn’t the least bit shy about expressing his. I wonder about that. In the end they agreed that McCain sounded like a grandpa telling stories. And people say youth is wasted on the young.

‘Night all.


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  1. Christine,

    Good stuff. It was also fun to see “” on a press badge. Hope to see more of that in the coming months. Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts on the substance of the two talks. Thanks for giving us this unique look at the event.

    Ed G.

  2. Ed,

    I’m going to deal with the substance of the talks in a post later today. I wanted to gauge some of the reactions of other pundits, which I’ve found fascinating. And, I have two ideas for I’ll email them to you.