Long Beach 13.1

We did it … together! Our first half-marathon. Mike in 3:28:17; Chris and D in 3:42:09. Jeff manning the NF tent for 4:00:00+.

Total donations on our behalf to the Children’s Tumor Foundation$2145 $2170 $2220 $2345 $2370 $2490 $2590 $2640.

In honor of Gabriel Gifford Scheller.

John 25:11

Update 10/21/08: My original goal for the Long Beach 1/2 marathon was to raise $1000 for the Children’s Tumor Foundation. After Gabriel died, I increased our goal to $5000. Memorial donations in the amount of $1945 have been recorded in Gabriel’s name. Combined with our race sponsorships, we’ve raised a total of $4,435 $4,535 $4,585 for CTF. Again, many thanks to all who’ve given so generously!

Update II, 10/23/08: The NF Endurance Team slide show from Long Beach is up. Together our team of 20  raised $10,000, $2590 $2640 of it on behalf of Team Scheller.

9 Comments on “Long Beach 13.1

  1. Thanks L.L. It was a lot of fun. I look forward to seeing you soon. Many blessings~

  2. Happy to hear you made it, Chris! I was praying for you.

  3. Thanks Marilyn. See you soon. Many blessings~

  4. Wait, just realized you did the marathon. Have you moved yet?

  5. Hi Romy,

    I was in your neigborhood the other day saying goodbye to Mary D. and thought of stopping by amidst a flurry of errands in prepartion for the move, which took place yesterday. Our belongings are on their way. Jeff and Mike are touring the southwest with my car; the other car is on a truck headed east. I took the red-eye into New York last night;landed at 5am, then took a series of trains to the Jersey Shore. Lovely ride down the coast. Currently I’m lounging at my mother’s house while she hosts a church meeting.

    Hope all is well with you and yours. I was thinking of you too when I posted about The Dark Side of Calvinism. I’ll be forever grateful that you took that project off my hands. One person’s monstrosity is another person’s labor of love.

    Many blessings to you~

  6. Oh yeah, and it’s really good to be home, but we did have a good cry before we left.

  7. Ah, so bummed! We probably wouldn’t have been home anyway. I usually get Luke out of the house in the morning to get the wiggles out so he can take a nap in the afternoon.

    I read about the Dark Side in your post. It made me smile. Don’t think I knew that you did work in the tub:)

    Glad you are back in familiar territory. May the Lord use this new/old chapter in your life to bring healing.

    Keep us posted. And if we are ever in Jersey again, we’ll be sure to contact you.

    Much love, Romy

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