Images from a Perfect Day: NYC .5 ’09

Ready to Go

Running for Virginity

Running for virginity? (Had to be told, no, running her 1st 13.1!)

Team Mates


Fluid Station; Seventh Ave.

Fluid Station, Seventh Ave.

Approaching Times Square on 7th Ave.

Approaching Times Square

Entertainment at 42nd St. & West Side Highway

Entertainment at 42nd St. & West Side Highway

Approaching Mile 10

Approaching Mile 10

Passing World Trade Center Site Near the Finish

Passing World Trade Center site near the finish

Refueling after 2:42:18

Refueling after 13.1 miles in 2:42:18

2 Comments on “Images from a Perfect Day: NYC .5 ’09

  1. Look at you! I’m so impressed. And you are so cool. (well, figuratively, by the looks of it.. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the affirmation, both in spirit and in cash dollars : )
    As to cool, I did feel great after the race on Sunday and then Monday rolled around, and as I tweeted on Twitter, my tummy went into convulsive cramp mode for 2 days. As to any other kind of cool, so, so grateful to have ceased to be many years ago. Much love~