The Catholic Community of Saint Joseph’s Celebrates Its Patron Saint @TomsRiverPatch

More than 250 gather to observe the Feast of St. Joseph

St. Joseph's Day ShrineHe was humble, a good father, the “perfect husband” —  and Saint Joseph is also the patron saint for one of the area’s largest Roman Catholic Churches. …

In the short homily, [Rev. John] Bambrick said St. Joseph is the patron saint of the whole Catholic church and is particularly beloved among Italians. He joked that his Italian mother and his Irish father tussle over who is the greatest saint, Joseph or Patrick.

Images of St. Joseph can be found beside those of the Virgin Mary in Catholic Churches throughout the world, Bambrick said, even though Joseph never speaks in the gospel narratives and disappears early in their stories.

“A lot of women would say he is the perfect husband,” Bambrick joked in regard to Joseph’s silence in the scripture. He said he is often depicted with a staff and lilies to symbolize his virtue and purity as a model husband and father. …

To learn more about this Holy Day of Obligation everywhere but the United States, go to Toms River Patch.

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