Brookville Community Church Celebrates Easter @BarnegatPatch

Tiny but devoted congregation meets monthly in historic one-room church.

Easter 2011 at Brookville Community Church, Barnegat, NJEaster service at Brookville Community Church in Barnegat began at 11:30 a.m. At 11:20, Dave and Tammy were sitting in their car chatting with Bill, who was leaning into their window. My husband and I pulled up and said hi.

Tammy and Dave have been attending the one-room church for almost two years. They live in Beachwood, but park their motor home at Brookville Campground down the street, said Tammy.

“We saw this little church. We’re very fond of it. We love it. It’s just beautiful, ” she said.

The little building reminds her of an old Victorian chapel, she said. She’s equally fond of Brookville’s pastor, Eileen Murphy.

“She’s a wonderful speaker,” said Tammy.

At 11:25, I pushed open the church door and Bill turned on the light. He lives in the neighborhood and had the keys to the church. Dave began searching for a brochure that would tell me about Brookville’s history. He gave up a few minutes later when three women arrived.

One woman sat in a chair at the front of the sanctuary facing the congregation – eight of us altogether. She asked if anyone had joys to share.  …

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