May 21 Doomsday Message Is Doomed Say Local Clergy @NJShorePatch

Harold Camping’s controversial rapture prediction draws ire of local clergy, but serves as reminder to live well.

Family Radio founder Harold Camping’s widely publicized prediction that Jesus will rapture his church on Saturday May 21 is foolish and irresponsible, said local clergy on Tuesday, but it serves as a reminder that we should live as if this day could be our last, they said.

“I’ve already received an email today, as fate would have it, saying ‘What do I do about that? Should I be frightened about that?” said David Cotton, Parish Associate at First Presbyterian Church of Manasquan and Manager of Pastoral Care at Jersey Shore University Medical Center.

“As a Christian, I completely believe that Jesus coming back is a good thing, a beautiful thing, a positive thing. He’s going to restore the earth to the Garden of Eden. It’s nothing but good, and to scare people and frighten people has it backwards,” said Cotton. …

For more wisdom from Cotton, Rev. Carlos Wilton, and Will Graham, go to NJ Shore Patch.

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