New York Night by Gabriel G. Scheller

New York is beautiful. I forgot how much I missed it. So much life in this city. American remix. Culture rich city. I’ll move there someday, just to see the breakers dancing in the subway. There’s no music… Read More

Poetry and Art

The poets and artists silence us pontificators … For Gabe, a poem by Chuck Liu Kitchen Cabinet Cross by Richard Gifford and Lenny Bernotas ************************************************************************************************************* Art and Inspiration by Gabriel Scheller Art is passion. Art is emotion. Love, anger, hatred, bitterness, hope,… Read More

A Tribute to Gabriel Gifford Scheller

Gabriel Gifford Scheller was born in Neptune, NJ, on November 27, 1984. He was the delight of his family’s life from his earliest days on earth, and welcomed a brother into his heart when he was two-and-a-half years… Read More

Celebrating Gabe Fridays

Our friend Lenny Bernotas, pastor of Trinity Bible Church, preached a powerful sermon at Gabe’s memorial service called “Grace for Gabriel.” One of the many things that stuck with me from the message was Lenny’s admonition to remember… Read More


  The National Pastors Convention ended at noon yesterday. I’ve been to many conferences over the years, and I must say this was one of the most enjoyable. Beeson Divinity school professor/author/painter Calvin Miller touched on why this… Read More


Albrecht Durer, Self-Portrait (1500) “Just as an eye, small as it might be, ‘can receive the image of a great mountain,’ the creature that sees himself in God sees himself as a reflection of his power, a finite… Read More