Aging Well with Dr. Dan Blazer, Part 7: What We Learned

My series at on Aging Well with Dr. Dan Blazer included a wealth of information on caring for ourselves and our loved ones in the later years of life. In article one, we learned that Dr. Blazer’s… Read More

Spiritual Evolution

  Harvard Medical School professor George E. Vaillant was the speaker at yesterday’s UC Irvine Psychiatry and Spirituality Forum meeting. Vaillant is Director of Research for the Department of Psychiatry at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  His research has involved charting… Read More

Spirituality and Suicide Prevention

On Tuesday, I attended a lecture at UC Irvine Medical Center called “Spirituality and Suicide Prevention.” The speaker was a psychiatrist named Aaron Kheriaty. Dr. Kheriaty is the director of UC Irvine’s unique Psychiatry and Spirituality Forum. As… Read More