What I Wrote This Week @UrbanFaith: September 12-16

Truth at a Beauty Pageant: Miss Universe winner Leila Lopes of Angola highlights her nation’s troubles, says she’s happy with the way God made her, and declares racism so last century. Is her win redemptive? Psalms for Poverty Statistics: The… Read More

CT & Teddy: I’m Sorry by Gabriel G. Scheller

******************************************************************************* Dialogue Replay Teddy: I just watched Watership Down. …  Damn. … I’m sorry. (note: read the book series instead.) [©GGS circa 2007, all rights reserved.] 

CT & Teddy: What? by Gabriel G. Scheller

CT & Teddy: What the Hell Man?!! by Gabriel G. Scheller

************************************************************************************************************** Dialogue Replay CT: What the hell, man?!! Teddy: Sorry. … Your ears are just so weird! How did they get like that? CT: The same way you got to be a jackass. I was born that way…. Read More

CT & Teddy: End Rabbicide! by Gabriel G. Scheller

********************************************************************************** Dialogue Replay CT: End Rabbicide! … Thousands are dying each day! … Take a Stand! … Don’t you want to end Rabbicide? Teddy: G*d, why are you bunnies always complaining? CT: Why? Why?! Because we are being used for… Read More

The Birth of an Activist by Gabriel G. Scheller

In this piece of work from Gabriel’s senior year of high school, he outlines his racial awakening and subsequent passion for racial justice and reconciliation.  *** The Birth of an Activist by Gabriel G. Scheller Over the years I… Read More