Back in the Day by Gabriel G. Scheller


The Team by Gabriel G. Scheller

[©GGS circa 2000, all rights reserved.]


Back in the day,

in my “H” double “O-D,”

sittin’ on the stoop listening to Snoop “D-O” double “G.”

Tried to be good,

do what my mom told me,

causin’ all kinds of trouble, wit my homies.


Back in the day

with Mase, Big & Puffy,

tryna pop wheelies on my Huffy.

We were told not to talk to strangers,

not to get violent like Power Rangers.

Back in the day when life was sweet

and the hardest thing to do was beat Mario 3.


When PS1 beat the Snes.

Big League Chew, yo’ that stuff was the best.

Jurassic Park & that movie Twister,

Family Matters, Smart Guy & Sister, Sister.

My first girlfriend & the playground where I kissed her.


Back in the day when my whole ‘hood knew me,

plannin’ wit my brother how to sneak into movies.

BK Knights & knee high socks.

Walking down the street to the barber shop—

short on the sides & long on top. 

Waffles at Gramma’s,

Kick Ball & skippin’ rocks.

Can’t forget Slammers & Pogs. 


Waste all my money from doing chores

on candy & soda at the corner store. 

Back when I was innocent, never suspicious.

Fruit Stripe gum & Bubblicious.

Scared of bullies that might hurt us.

Captain Crunch, Pop Tarts & Ninja Turtles.


Catching fireflies on warm summer nights,

playing Manhunt in my LA Lights.

Talkin’ in class, passin’ notes—

Do you like me? Check yes or no.

Waitin’ for the bus, tryna make my hands warmer. 

Battle Toads & Transformers,

Ghost Busters.


Watchin’ Nickelodeon, my brother & me,

Camp Anawana & Pete & Pete.

 4th of July, ice cream & bottle rockets,

back when Gameboy could fit in your pocket.

Tryna save Zelda with Link.

Knock on wood. Jynx personal jynx.


Being young is what I miss.

Like a bracelet you hit on your wrist,

my childhood went by in a snap.

I can’t believe years go by so fast;

I can’t help but miss way back when.

I’d give anything to be a kid again.

[©GGS 2004, all rights reserved.]



Weird by Gabriel G. Scheller

[© GGS circa 2002, all rights reserved.]

9 Comments on “Back in the Day by Gabriel G. Scheller

  1. I’d give anything for you to be a kid again too, Gabe.

  2. Those were good days, Kim. Today I am choosing to believe they are a foreshadowing of a future glory in which the fireworks are brighter, the ice cream better …

    love you.

  3. Chris—is this the ‘rap’ that Gabe performed at your Moms house, on Thanksgiving weekend of 2006 (maybe 2005?) after we all had dinner? Do you remember that? (there was bracciole, pasta and breaded broccoli!) His words are gifted. His ‘performance’ that night made me so proud of him! I remember clapping and saying ‘YOU are famous!’. Oh….the memories….the good old days….


  4. Probably Judy. He performed it a number of times. I wonder if anyone has it recorded.

    I have wonderful photos from that Thanksgiving, at your house and my mom’s. I’ll email them to you.

  5. Oh Chris-Id love the pics. I dont think anyone recorded anything that night. It was a spontaneous thing. He stood up at the table and out it all came, in all its glory. I just re-read the words and Im SURE this is what he did that night. What a very beautiful and very clear memory for me. A blessing.

    much love, judy

  6. I remember Gabe trying this out on some of us in the dorm when he was writing it. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Hi David,

    Blessings to you for caring ~

  8. And David, thank you for your gift to CTF. I just got the notification.