A Father’s Admonition

Help on the Way

Here is the impromptu message that Jeff gave at Gabriel’s memorial service in New Jersey. It’s only 12 minutes long, and it’s full of wisdom …


If you’d like to respond to the invitation at the end of Jeff’s message, email him at exploring.intersections@yahoo.com.

And here, for your blessing, is his sister Sudie singing I Can Only Imagine with unexpected joy …


[Special thanks to Holland Davis for preparing these recordings for upload, and for your continued friendship. To Mercy Me, if I’m violating copyright law by posting Sudie’s version of your song, well, please send me a bill.]



9 Comments on “A Father’s Admonition

  1. Will listen in a minute. This is just to say I was so happy to hear you say something tongue in cheek at the end of the post. You made me smile, Dearheart.

  2. Thanks L.L.

    My guy should be pastoring, not selling windows.

    My sister-in-law is due to have her baby this week. A boy. In this I can rejoice.

  3. It really wasn’t much trouble. I was just blessed to serve you guys. Roxie and I continue to pray for God’s comfort and sustaining grace to be upon you both.

  4. Thanks Holland. I’m trying to upload the corrected video of Dr. Kheriaty’s message right now. It’s taking forever. … Hugs to Roxie.

  5. Christine—Jesus was a carpenter. Jeff is a window-seller. Can you see the parallel?

    Jeff DOES pastor. You both do. He doesnt need to be on a pulpit for me to see that.

    Hugs, Judy

  6. Good word, Judy : )

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