Mystery Creation by Gabriel G. Scheller

Teen Challenge

This photo was taken at Trinity Bible Church’s annual Teen Tournament, which pitted regional youth groups against one another in various contests. Our team, which I chaperoned alone in defiance of all good judgment, was from Calvary Chapel Four Winds of Redbank, NJ. Gabe sliced his finger with a box cutter within moments of our arrival, sending me into crisis management mode and us to the emergency room midway through the day. We got back in time for him to win the Toilet Bowl Derby. Can anyone tell from this photo what his mystery creation was? It’s a classic. I’ll send a pound of incomparable See’s chocolate to the first person who posts the right answer.  

Update 5pm pst: We have a winner! C.H. correctly guessed that Gabe’s creation is the silver jacket. She surmised aluminum foil, but in fact it was made entirely of duct tape. A true construction family son!

8 Comments on “Mystery Creation by Gabriel G. Scheller

  1. No L.L., it’s not the vehicle. Gabe and his brother may have decorated it, but I believe his dad and grandpa made it for him. Thanks for giving it a shot.

  2. What do you mean C.H.? Be more specific.

  3. Evel Knievel (wearing a vintage motorcycle helmet) preparing to take the Sky-Cycle on his Snake River Canyon jump with his stunt coordinators or other people looking on? Part of the way over he crashed into the canyon after his parachute accidentally opened.

  4. No C.H., That’s not it. His creation is visible in the photo. It’s a masterpiece of creativity in fact. Care to try again, for a 1/2 lb. of chocolate?

  5. Sure, I’ll throw another guess out there. A jacket similar in style to Evel Knievel’s, yet made out of aluminum foil?

  6. Now you’re close enough for a win, CH. Yes, it is the jacket, but it is made entirely of duct tape. It was a work of genius, and it’s a fun memory.

    Send me your address and your preference for dark, milk or mixed chocolates.

    Thanks for playing along.

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