Three Months

Celebrating? HS Graduation

This is the photo adorning my desktop. It’s there to remind me to focus on the people I care about who are inhabiting physical bodies on earth. Self, mom, son, dad, husband, etc. It’s much too easy still for my thoughts to dwell elsewhere, with the one who is gone. I thank God for these and others who give me reason to go on.

3 Comments on “Three Months

  1. I love you all…
    As a fellow parent and sister I read, grieve, ponder, laugh and cry as I read most everything you write (including the articles- “A Laughing Child…” continues to make me cry). It is the most feeble attempt I can make at feeling close to you all and to help fill in the gaps where needed. Your family has meant so much to me over the years …I think of you always.

    It took us a few days after our second son was born (Jan. 2004) to give him a name. Nothing from our short list seemed to fit. Then, watching as he slept neslted next to me in the quiet, dullness of the hospital room at monmouth medical the name Gabriel pressed into my heart. I shared this little revelation to Scott along with the story of Gabe- your Gabe- the endearing little boy I got to “watch” and watch grow. When we brought our newborn boy home and shared his name with the rest of the Schulte clan for the first time they all had that same joyous response of this name being wonderful and perfect because of the special person with whom we all associated the name with- our beloved Gabe Scheller.

  2. Greta,

    You are so special to us too. I have wonderful memories of you caring for my boys. They were so fortunate to have you in their lives growing up. Thanks for your kind words. I love you and hope to get to know your babies some day, esp. Gabriel.