CT and Teddy: So You Wanna Be, Like, Bugs …? by Gabriel G. Scheller

So, You wanna be, like, Bugs ...?


Dialogue Replay

Teddy: Hey C.T.

C.T.: Oh, hey Teddy, wassup!

Teddy: Nothin’ man. Look, we wanted you for the class film. You in?

C.T.: O, for sure Dude! I have like 5 years of acting training & been on some commercials. … Do you want me as co-star or lead maybe?

Teddy: Um, we were thinking like the Trix Rabbit or the Easter Bunny.

C.T.: Okay, I’m really diverse though. I could play any part.

Teddy: So you wanna be like Bugs or Peter Cottontail or something?

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