A Religious Treasure Trove at Princeton University @NJShorePatch

Who knew the Ivy League gem offered a wealth of free public religion events?

As a girl growing up in Point Pleasant Beach, I didn’t give much thought to Princeton University. It was the 1970s and I was, shall we say, distracted. If I thought about our state’s Ivy League jewel at all, I saw it as an inaccessable, dusty treasure chest full of academic stuffiness and snobbery.

If we’re lucky, we grow up and find out the world’s gems are much more accessable than we ever imagined. What a delight it was then, a few years ago, to learn that Princeton has a thriving faith community and offers a bounty of free public religion events.

It’s a pleasant 45 minute drive west on Route 33 and across Route 1 to the university from coastal Monmouth County and a great way to spend an afternoon or evening while enriching one’s understanding of the religious landscape. …

Read about some upcoming events here. Plus, where to park, eat, and shop in Princeton.

2 Comments on “A Religious Treasure Trove at Princeton University @NJShorePatch

  1. Right there in your own backyard, a treasure trove of knowledge and experience. Imagine! And I have sagebrush in mine… Sigh.

  2. You’re so funny! There’s a Jersey Devil too, and Pine Barrens, but I’ve been to you’re neck of the woods too, and if I didn’t live here, I think I could live there : )

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