Race to Economic Recovery Goes to the Tortoise @LaceyPatch

State of the Chamber 2011 keynote speaker forecasts solid job growth by summer

After a new slate of Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce officers was installed and elected officials from local municipalities spoke, Joel Naroff, president and founder of Naroff Economic Advisors, delivered a cautiously optimistic business forecast at the 2011 State of the Chamber Meeting in Manahawkin on Feb. 24.

Naroff, who had addressed the group at the height of the economic downturn two years ago, said there’s been significant change since then.

“The problem we have with this recovery is that it is really slow, but it is also the recovery we were always going to get,” Naroff said.

If you think of a recovery as a race, what we wanted was the hare and we got the tortoise. But the tortoise is steadily making its way towards the finish line,” Naroff said. …

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