Lessons from Elite Leaders: Faith Postures in the Workplace, Part 4 of 8 @TheHighCalling

Whether a leader takes a pragmatic, heroic, circumspect, or brazen approach in the workplace, there are risks and benefits to be considered. Laity Leadership Senior Fellow D. Michael Lindsay identifies these four faith postures that leaders take at work and says none of them is necessarily better than the others, but each presents different challenges and opportunities for leaders who seek to be faithful in their calling.

Ninety-three percent of the leaders that Lindsay interviewed for his new PLATINUM Study said their coworkers know about their faith, but many of them take a pragmatic approach to expressing it in hostile work environments. In “Accounting by Faith,” a 2010 article published in the Journal of the American Academy of Religion, Lindsay and co-author Bradley Smith wrote, “Pragmatic elites prefer a strategy of incremental witness to all-or-nothing conversion campaigns.” …

Go to The High Calling to find out how Sherron Watkins’ faith informed her Enron whistleblowing, how a That 70s show producer feels about his work, what it doesn’t cost an NFL player to be a bold witness, and more from prominent Christians living out their faith at work.

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