Faith at Work, Part 2: Avodah & the Faith at Work Movement @TheHighCalling

When Laity Leadership Institute Senior Fellow David W. Miller was studying biblical Hebrew in seminary, he discovered a concept that would come to define his work. “As I was slogging through Hebrew vocabulary, I came across the word avodah…. Read More

Thousands Attend Jersey Shore Will Graham Celebration @NJShorePatch

13,821 listen to evangelist Billy Graham’s grandson preach at Great Auditorium in Ocean Grove. When Billy Graham preached at Ocean Grove’s Great Auditorium in 1955, he was 36 years old. Last weekend, his grandson Will Graham preached three messages in… Read More

What Does the Missional Church Look Like? @TheHighCalling

The story of ORB. Christian Andrews was in his sixth year of studies at Princeton Theological Seminary when he walked away from those studies to help a small group of Christians reach out to youth in his home… Read More

May 21 Doomsday Message Is Doomed Say Local Clergy @NJShorePatch

Harold Camping’s controversial rapture prediction draws ire of local clergy, but serves as reminder to live well. Family Radio founder Harold Camping’s widely publicized prediction that Jesus will rapture his church on Saturday May 21 is foolish and irresponsible, said local… Read More

Christian Music, Divorce, & Triathlons: An Interview with Big Tent Revival’s Spence Smith @TheHuffingtonPost

When I talked to Spence Smith, a founding member of the five-time Grammy-nominated band Big Tent Revival, he had just come back from a run, which was appropriate given that Smith is a triathlete who took up the sport after… Read More

Worshiping in Silence at Barnegat Friends Meeting House @BarnegatPatch

Quaker congregation meets and explains its values. “Let us hold President Obama and all those with the power of decision making in the Light.” These were the only words spoken during the meeting of the Barnegat Friends, or Quakers, yesterday… Read More

How Far Should Forgiveness Go?

“Forgiving love is a possibility only for those who know that they are not good, who feel themselves in need of divine mercy, who live in a dimension deeper and higher than that of moral idealism, feel themselves… Read More

What Does It Mean to Walk Worthily? @TheHighCalling

The Church as Parable and Witness, part 3 in the Missional Series w/ Princeton Theological Seminary Professor Darrell Guder. Fourteen years after World War II, Laity Leadership Institute Senior Fellow Darrell Guder began doctoral studies in Germany. “My… Read More

What Is Scripture for? An Architect Wrestles with His Calling @TheHighCalling

Rick Archer was a rising architectural star in Washington, D.C., when some fellow believers challenged him: “You’ve always chosen what was best, but have you chosen what was right?” For Archer, what was right was synonymous with what was best… Read More

Brookville Community Church Celebrates Easter @BarnegatPatch

Tiny but devoted congregation meets monthly in historic one-room church. Easter service at Brookville Community Church in Barnegat began at 11:30 a.m. At 11:20, Dave and Tammy were sitting in their car chatting with Bill, who was leaning… Read More

What Does It Mean to Live a Missional Life? @TheHighCalling

A Christian radio station commissioned a listener survey and learned that less than 100 people were tuning in to its programming. Instead of being concerned, management’s response was to say that it didn’t matter because their sole responsibility… Read More

The Catholic Community of Saint Joseph’s Celebrates Its Patron Saint @TomsRiverPatch

More than 250 gather to observe the Feast of St. Joseph He was humble, a good father, the “perfect husband” —  and Saint Joseph is also the patron saint for one of the area’s largest Roman Catholic Churches…. Read More