A Tribute to Gabriel Gifford Scheller

Gabriel Gifford Scheller was born in Neptune, NJ, on November 27, 1984. He was the delight of his family’s life from his earliest days on earth, and welcomed a brother into his heart when he was two-and-a-half years… Read More

Grieving a Suicide

  Wheaton College professor John Walford gave a passionate testimony about his brushes with suicide at a recent Wheaton chapel service. There have been three recent alumni suicides in the past year, and the university is rightly concerned about a trend that reflects an… Read More

Celebrating Gabe Fridays

Our friend Lenny Bernotas, pastor of Trinity Bible Church, preached a powerful sermon at Gabe’s memorial service called “Grace for Gabriel.” One of the many things that stuck with me from the message was Lenny’s admonition to remember… Read More

You Are the God Who Sees

Jeff and I were on staff together at our former church with pastor and worship leader Holland Davis. With no direction and little notice, Holland agreed to provide music at Gabe’s service in California. His ministry to us was tender and… Read More

Doing Well

From the beginning of this tragedy, people have remarked at how well my family is handling it. The other day, I joined the chorus and told Jeff he was doing really well for somebody who had never before experienced the… Read More

Four Weeks

It’s been nearly four weeks. Still, I cannot comprehend it. A person who was so full of life lost hope and believed that he had no future in this world.  Jeremiah 29:11 was the Scripture that reassured me when I was… Read More

Marathon Update

In the week after Gabe’s death, we were asked on several occasions if we really preferred a donation to the Children’s Tumor Foundation (CTF) to flowers. We said yes. I’d like to publicly thank the following parties for responding with generous… Read More

Gabriel’s Memorial Service: Dr. Aaron Kheriaty

I am posting this video, despite the fact that it somehow got rotated. (We’ll try to correct the problem.) Turn your computer sideways or close your eyes and listen. Update 7/9/08: A friend kindly rotated this video for… Read More

Thank You

Dear Family and Friends, Words cannot express our gratitude for the love that has buoyed us up over the past week. The tributes to Gabe here and elsewhere have helped soften a very harsh reality. How we go… Read More

Gabriel Gifford Scheller

Gabriel Gifford Scheller, 23, of Irvine, CA, died on March 28. He spent his formative years in Long Branch, NJ, and graduated from Wheaton College in May 2007. Gabriel is survived by his parents, Jeffrey and Christine Scheller; his… Read More