The Case for Male Circumcision @Her.meneutics

I really had no idea how passionate people could be about this topic until I tweeted my intent to respond to a discussion of it. Below is the intro to my allegedly man-hating take. Above is a photo of my… Read More

Cross-post from NF Endurance Team blog: Why Gabe Will Always Be My NF Hero

It’s a rare photo in which Gabe appears depressed. He was known for his boisterous, charismatic personality. But, from the time he left home for college, he struggled with depression. This photo was taken at my husband’s graduation… Read More

Racing for Research Again!

               Guess who’s walk/jogging for neurofibromatosis research again? You’ve got it! I landed a coveted spot on the NF Endurance Team for the New York City Half-Marathon on August 16th, which doesn’t leave me much time to train or… Read More

Beauty By Any Means Necessary

My latest post is up at Her.Meneutics. It’s called “Is it a sin to nip and tuck?” and was reclaimed from an article I worked on in 2007 that never made it to print. I offer the original here because… Read More

Losing Religion; Finding Art and More

     Yesterday, my husband and I attended a book signing by former L.A. Times  journalist William Lobdel . The signing took place at a book store in historic Clinton, New Jersey .  The book (Lobdell’s first) is Losing My Religion: How I Lost… Read More

The Fragility of Truth and Other Inescapable Facts

Let’s get this out of the way first: Truth itself is not fragile; our possession of it, our interpretation of it, the role it plays in our societies is fragile. So said Simon A. Levin, the director of… Read More

The Short Term Future of Stem Cell Funding

 California Stem Cell Report appropriately opines … As California’s public universities are turning away students and state cash is being cut for projects ranging from research labs to affordable housing, the California stem cell agency is on track to… Read More

Thanks again to our newest NF heroes

  These sponsors helped us raise $2,640 for The Children’s Tumor Foundation:   Mr. Jeff Scheller Ms. Florence Anne Kohut Mr. Aiden Long Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Neary Mr. and Mrs. John H. Oostdyk Mr. Albert J…. Read More

Long Beach 13.1

We did it … together! Our first half-marathon. Mike in 3:28:17; Chris and D in 3:42:09. Jeff manning the NF tent for 4:00:00+. Total donations on our behalf to the Children’s Tumor Foundation: $2145 $2170 $2220 $2345 $2370 $2490 $2590 $2640. In… Read More

Go Team Scheller!

$1810 $1830 and Counting! Tomorrow is Race Day! Wake Up Call 5 AM … Yikes! Go Team Scheller!!!!!! Donate Today!

Spiritual Evolution

  Harvard Medical School professor George E. Vaillant was the speaker at yesterday’s UC Irvine Psychiatry and Spirituality Forum meeting. Vaillant is Director of Research for the Department of Psychiatry at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  His research has involved charting… Read More

Support NF Research

Guess who’s training for the Long Beach Marathon? Actually I’m settling for a half-marathon my first time out. My son Mike, some friends and I are doing it together. We’re raising money for neurofibromatosis (NF) research. The race is… Read More