Conversation with CT: You Are Me by Gabriel G. Scheller

You are Me


Dialogue Replay

CT: What’s up Gabe?

Gabe: What’s up man?

CT: Ouch!

Gabe: Sorry.

CT: It’s cool. Don’t push so hard.

Gabe: I want your ears in the back.

CT: OK … Done?

Gabe: Almost.

CT: I look kind of bland.

Gabe: Shhh.

CT: Gabe, why do you draw me?

Gabe: Damn, you talk a lot. I draw you because you are an expression of my inner conflict. You are me.

CT: No one could hang out tonight, huh?

Gabe: No! Yes … I need more friends.

[©GGS circa 2007, all rights reserved.] 

CT & Teddy: I’m Sorry by Gabriel G. Scheller

I\'m Sorry


Dialogue Replay

Teddy: I just watched Watership Down. …  Damn. … I’m sorry.

(note: read the book series instead.)

[©GGS circa 2007, all rights reserved.] 

CT & Teddy: What the Hell Man?!! by Gabriel G. Scheller

What the Hell Man?!!


Dialogue Replay

CT: What the hell, man?!!

Teddy: Sorry. … Your ears are just so weird! How did they get like that?

CT: The same way you got to be a jackass. I was born that way.

[©GGS circa 2007, all rights reserved.] 

CT & Teddy: End Rabbicide! by Gabriel G. Scheller

End Rabbicide!


Dialogue Replay

CT: End Rabbicide! … Thousands are dying each day! … Take a Stand! … Don’t you want to end Rabbicide?

Teddy: G*d, why are you bunnies always complaining?

CT: Why? Why?! Because we are being used for lab tests! Because this … your misalogist buerocrasy is killing my people for lucky key chains!

Teddy: You have weird ears.

[©GGS circa 2007, all rights reserved.] 

CT and Teddy: So You Wanna Be, Like, Bugs …? by Gabriel G. Scheller

So, You wanna be, like, Bugs ...?


Dialogue Replay

Teddy: Hey C.T.

C.T.: Oh, hey Teddy, wassup!

Teddy: Nothin’ man. Look, we wanted you for the class film. You in?

C.T.: O, for sure Dude! I have like 5 years of acting training & been on some commercials. … Do you want me as co-star or lead maybe?

Teddy: Um, we were thinking like the Trix Rabbit or the Easter Bunny.

C.T.: Okay, I’m really diverse though. I could play any part.

Teddy: So you wanna be like Bugs or Peter Cottontail or something?

[©GGS circa 2007, all rights reserved.]  

Three Months

Celebrating? HS Graduation

This is the photo adorning my desktop. It’s there to remind me to focus on the people I care about who are inhabiting physical bodies on earth. Self, mom, son, dad, husband, etc. It’s much too easy still for my thoughts to dwell elsewhere, with the one who is gone. I thank God for these and others who give me reason to go on.

Mystery Creation by Gabriel G. Scheller

Teen Challenge

This photo was taken at Trinity Bible Church’s annual Teen Tournament, which pitted regional youth groups against one another in various contests. Our team, which I chaperoned alone in defiance of all good judgment, was from Calvary Chapel Four Winds of Redbank, NJ. Gabe sliced his finger with a box cutter within moments of our arrival, sending me into crisis management mode and us to the emergency room midway through the day. We got back in time for him to win the Toilet Bowl Derby. Can anyone tell from this photo what his mystery creation was? It’s a classic. I’ll send a pound of incomparable See’s chocolate to the first person who posts the right answer.  

Update 5pm pst: We have a winner! C.H. correctly guessed that Gabe’s creation is the silver jacket. She surmised aluminum foil, but in fact it was made entirely of duct tape. A true construction family son!

CT & Teddy: I’m Not Racist, You Know by Gabriel G. Scheller

I'm Not a Racist, You know

[© GGS circa 2007, all rights reserved.]


Dialogue Replay

Girl Bunny: “Hi Sean. ♥Heey♥ ♥ Teddy!♥”

CT (Sean): “Wassup Girl!”

Teddy: “Hmph.”

CT: “Damn, she is foiine!!”

Teddy: “She’s okay. I don’t really like bunnies.”

CT: “What?! Why?!”

Teddy: “Ears are too long and their tails are too big. Gross. Give me little ears and tiny tails. You can have the bunnies.”

CT: “Sometimes I don’t know how we are friends.”

Teddy: “I’m not racist, you know.”

CT & Teddy: Are You Ignoring Part of Me? by Gabriel G. Scheller

But if You Ignore My Costume

[©GGS circa 2007, all rights reserved.]


Dialogue Replay

CT: “I don’t know man. It’s just really hard being the only bunny here. … I just feel all this pressure to change my costume, to be a bear. … I don’t want to change. I shouldn’t have to!”

Teddy: “Well Man. I don’t even see your costume. I just see a man. I don’t care if you are a bunny.

CT: “But if you ignore my costume, are you ignoring part of me?”